Jane (janesbathroom) wrote,

I am never shaving my legs again!

I became a situation that was easy to eliminate.
Poor timing and poor execution.

I am upset about the person or the relationship? Maybe both but at this point leaning more towards one than the other.
This has been way too much and way too soon I feel like I have learned nothing. I have only been slapped on the wrist about something  I already knew. I am too naive and I give my heart away to freely.
If something seems to good to be true than it probably is.

I know things I didn't need to know and now I have to deal with them. Him not being here does not make everything go away. This may be what is best for him at the moment but where does that leave me? I am selfish and I will get over this too I guess.

I just have to be more cautious.

Don't get me wrong, he really is an amazing person.

Poor timing and poor execution.
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